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Wedding Reception Ideas

Dear future bride and groom, Being in the wedding industry, you get to see pretty much all the ins and outs of a wedding, from beginning until the end. From dresses to decorations to shaky relationships, we get to see it all. Let's face it, a wedding photographer could pretty much help plan an entire wedding after all the experience they gather. Very often, we see t[...]

Confetti Wedding Pictures Ideas

Each culture has different traditions and some interesting trends at weddings. Some come and go, but it seems like the confetti wedding pictures are always a favourite for everyone. The reactions you get during these moments are absolutely priceless. Some couples opt for bubbles as confetti alternative, which is quite an effective way of having mess-free confetti w[...]

London Photo Shoot Location Ideas | Hidden Gems

I've been itching to write this blog post about London's hidden gems and my favourite photo shoot locations for far too long. It started in my mind when I was searching for different places to go shooting with our couples. Although London is absolutely beautiful and there's so many things to see and visit, I could not find a good, clear article about locations for a [...]

Wedding Albums | London Wedding Photographers

Fine Art Wedding Albums // Green Antlers Photography Wedding albums should make you feel. When you hold a wedding album and it immediately takes you back to a day, a moment, a feeling, those are the type of wedding photography albums I want to create for my couples. Yes, it is about high quality, craftsmanship and beautiful design; but it is also about the smell,[...]

Maximise Your Marketing

Maximise Your Marketing by Being Kind // London Wedding Photographer One of the best lessons I’ve learned early on in our wedding photography business was to build a good relationship with the vendors, just as much as with the clients. So my thoughts today have a lot to do with this, because that’s a great tool to help you maximise your marketing. In 2014, we s[...]

2015 Year Behind the scenes

2015 Behind the Scenes // London Wedding Photographer Meaning. Peace. Growth. Joy. Adventure. Five words are not enough to describe the year of 2015. It's really interesting to look at these behind the scenes. This year has challenged us on so many levels and we’re just grateful at the end of it all. Challenge means growth. Growth brings Vision for a more meaningfu[...]

Business Tips We've Learned in 2015

Seven Business Tips We've Learned in 2015 // London Wedding Photographers At the end of 2014, we took some time to asses our photography business, where we needed improvement and things we needed to let go of, so a blog post about 10 business lessons we've learned in 2014 was made. Since then, I promised myself to find time each year to do this. How will you ever kn[...]

Client Gifts Ideas for 2015

Handmade Client Gifts Ideas // London Wedding Photographers Who knows me well, should know my love language is gifts (hint!). Even more, client gifts get me so excited because I get to share a little part of our hearts with others. We do tend to let ourselves caught into every day's To Do list and things never seem to end, so being a freelancer, you rarely get tim[...]