Tipi Wedding in Kent | Mark + Linda

Tipi Wedding in Kent | Kent Wedding Photographer It's always a good idea to have a tipi wedding ! Especially when two wonderful people get to tie the know in the beautiful English countryside, on a warm Summer day. We were so honoured to get to meet the one who stole Mark's heart and what an amazing pair they make! We've met Mark last year, for Sophie and Paul's m[...]

Chateau du Croisillat France Wedding Photographer | Martin + Merav

Chateau du Croisillat France Wedding Photographer When you are about to be shooting a Chateau du Croisillat wedding in the South of France, you can only expect to have a pretty amazing experience. But this one has far exceeded our expectations. A French Chateau built in the fifth century, about 30km from Toulouse, in the Caraman region, Chateau du Croisillat belonge[...]

St James Church Wedding London | Tom + Grace

St James Church Wedding London Clerkenwell | Green Antlers Photography Whether it's a St James Church wedding London or a forest wedding, we realise more and more it's not about our artistic skills of capturing epic portraits. It's about the people the  bride and groom are sharing their most precious moment with; the parents who have dreamed of seeing their children [...]

Guildford Wedding Photographer | Jon + Ginny

Guildford Wedding Photographer | Green Antlers Photography What a pleasure to start the wedding season as a Guildford wedding photographer for Jon and Ginny's Spring wedding in Guildford, Surrey. The morning started of very relaxed but quite emotional, surrounded by friends and family in their Guildford rental home. Once the bride was ready, we all went to St Alba[...]

Cotswolds Wedding Photographer | Leon + Katie

Cotswolds, you beautiful thing! Many stories were told about this place, but nothing compares to actually being there. An absolutely charming countryside in England, with limestone historic houses, castles and ancient churches, Cotswolds region definitely exceeded our expectations! It was really exciting to be Cotswolds wedding photographer for Katie and Leon's barn [...]