2016 Year in Review

What a year this was! Traveling from North to South, shooting weddings in London and abroad. It all feels like a blur now, but we've made this blog post to remind us of how incredibly grateful we are for this season in our lives, for every couple trusting us with their wedding photos for yet another year. It would be a lie to say it was all easy and smooth, but the[...]

London Photo Shoot Location Ideas | Hidden Gems

I've been itching to write this blog post about London's hidden gems and my favourite photo shoot locations for far too long. It started in my mind when I was searching for different places to go shooting with our couples. Although London is absolutely beautiful and there's so many things to see and visit, I could not find a good, clear article about locations for a [...]

Norsk Bryllupsfotograf | Gunhild + Andreas

We do not speak Norwegian just yet, but we're so excited each time we get to be Norway wedding photographers - in case you were googling the title of this post, it's what " Norsk Bryllupsfotograf " means! There's such a familiar feeling once we step at the airport in Stavanger, even more so when we're greeted by friendly faces. This wedding was particularly speci[...]

Guildford Wedding Photographer | Jon + Ginny

What a pleasure to start the wedding season as a Guildford wedding photographer for Jon and Ginny's Spring wedding in Guildford, Surrey. The morning started of very relaxed but quite emotional, surrounded by friends and family in their Guildford rental home. Once the bride was ready, we all went to St Albans Hindhead church, for a beautiful wedding ceremony. The Su[...]

Cotswolds Wedding Photographer | Leon + Katie

Cotswolds, you beautiful thing! Many stories were told about this place, but nothing compares to actually being there. An absolutely charming countryside in England, with limestone historic houses, castles and ancient churches, Cotswolds region definitely exceeded our expectations! It was really exciting to be Cotswolds wedding photographer for Katie and Leon's barn [...]

Wedding Reception Ideas

Dear future bride and groom, Being in the wedding industry, you get to see pretty much all the ins and outs of a wedding, from beginning until the end. From dresses to decorations to shaky relationships, we get to see it all. Let's face it, a wedding photographer could pretty much help plan an entire wedding after all the experience they gather. Very often, we see t[...]

Winter Wedding at Burhill Golf Club, Hersham | Daniel + Alice

Last wedding of 2016 ended with a memorable Winter wedding at Burhill Golf Club in Hersham, Surrey. To let you in on their story, have a look at their Hampstead Heath Park engagement shoot, where we took lots of photos, had so much fun and got to know them a bit better. It was a cold and misty Winter morning. It seemed like the entire nature was still, covered in t[...]

Christmas Resolutions

Many of us make New Years Resolutions but what about Christmas resolutions? As I was washing dishes, I suddenly got all sorts of thoughts about the holidays fast approaching and realised I didn't quite have a plan of where to go, what to do, what Christmas gifts to buy. I was so caught up in the busy life we have day to day, but I didn't manage to plan so far ahead[...]