Best Sparklers to Buy for the Wedding Exit

Sparkler send-offs are still of the most important parts of a wedding no matter how much the traditions change over the years.

It’s such an exciting yet emotional time of the wedding, but also takes a few logistics to plan. For that, we already shared 10 tips to plan the best sparklers exit but wanted to go a bit deeper on talking about the exact sparklers you should buy for your wedding exit. I will also mention a few options you could use if you can’t actually use sparklers at the venue.  


Best Sparklers To Buy for the Wedding Exit


Smokeless Sparklers

First of all, there are 2 types of sparklers in terms of use- regular sparklers and wedding sparklers. The wedding sparklers are made of different materials and chemical compositions and they are also smokeless. This is great for many reasons, especially if you are thinking to have sparklers indoors. Always check with the venue whatever you plan on doing.


How many sparklers to get?

This is a great question. You definitely can’t expect to have every single person making a tunnel for the send-off. Maybe the older members leave earlier, some are still in the loo, or families with kids would also be gone by then.

Obviously, better to be prepared than not, so this is what we recommend.

If you have a wedding of about 150 guests (it’s usually less in the UK, but makes it easier to do the math), we would recommend having around 70-80 sparklers ready.

You could also choose to have them for your first dance (such a brilliant idea instead of people holding their phones). In that case, you would need one per person.


Another brilliant idea to have a memorable and fun first dance, would be to have confetti poppers available. We personally use these confetti poppers for our photo booth business and everyone absolutely loves them!!

While these are slightly more pricey than the sparklers, you could hand a set of 10 to your bridesmaids/groomsmen to pop as a sign to invite everyone on the dance floor. Now that’s quite a way to start the party!

confetti poppers for wedding reception ideas

Back to sparklers.


Long Sparklers

You may already know that people get very excited about this moment in the evening. It means you will have the odd uncle Bob lighting his sparklers way ahead of everyone. When the couple actually walks through, all he holds is a stick. That’s not great for photos and for poor uncle Bob, who missed the moment.

For this reason, you need to make sure you get the longest sparklers for the wedding send-off.

The most popular sizes you can find on Amazon are 10 in, 16 in, 18 in long.

The longer the sparklers, the longer they last!

You can have everyone holding them while you go through the tunnel and you can even go back for another round! That’s so great for photos and for the photographer to have more good options!

bride and groom kiss during the sparklers exit at the reception

How long do wedding sparklers burn

10 in – Sparklers last around 60 Seconds

16 in- Sparklers last around 1 min 25 Seconds

18 in- Sparklers last around 1 min 40 Seconds

Timing is everything so once your guests start lighting them, you can easily walk through the beautiful wedding sparklers at least once and maybe twice for that much-awaited kiss in the middle!


Wedding Sparklers Kit

The most important point, let’s take the wedding sparklers off your to-do list!

If you want to make sure you’re fully organized and also waste as little time as possible on researching for everything you need, we have everything laid out for you.

Everything you need to buy for your wedding send-off

Long wedding sparklers

Wedding sparklers bucket



For some reason, you can’t find the wedding sparklers on Amazon Prime only with normal delivery, so make sure you order in advance.

bride and groom wedding exit with long sparklers to buy


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