Best of 2018 | Cotswolds Wedding Photographer

Making big moves. Bold decisions. Taking risks.
The Year of Stewardship.


2018 has been a fantastic year for us as a family and business owners.

  • One of the best things to happen for us was to find a dream home in the Cotswolds countryside.  Almost one year later, we’re looking forward to seeing the lambs this Spring, at the back of our garden! Still can’t quite believe it.
  • We also started shooting more and more in the Cotswolds area and discovered some of our favourite Cotswolds Wedding Venues!
  • We’ve also made friends. Genuinely nice people who invite you for tea minutes after meeting you – no calendar planning was involved! Still shocked.
  • We’ve traveled to Pembrokeshire on Sam’s birthday.
  • We witnessed our little boy not being so little anymore and becoming much more independent, curious and free. He started walking and chaos started unfolding!
  • We’ve been eating tomatoes and courgettes from our garden all Summer long.
  • Made jam with my mom to last us for months and to give to neighbours as well. Spent good, quality time with our families.
  • We laughed SO much.
  • We shot incredible weddings abroad , like a stunning  destination wedding in Santorini and then a 3 days wedding in Scotland! (which I’m yet to publish..). We also visited home for 2 of my favourite weddings in Romania, that we got to shoot in 2018. A barn wedding in the mountains in Transylvania was so inspiring and also gave us lots of excitement for what’s to come. Then, we got to visit our University city, where we also met. We ate Shawarma and laughed with old friends. A beautiful boho wedding also happened and we were honoured to be a part of it.
  • We made bold decisions.
  • I became godmother to a precious human being.
  • We registered for a mentorship with a business consultant we highly admire, Ross Tanner, who also happens to own Flothemes , the beautiful website design company we’ve been using for years.
  • We got a photographer associate, Jonny, who will be shooting weddings with and for us in 2019! Still time to book him or us!
  • We also got an intern we love and we can’t wait to do great things together with her this year!
  • We bought our favourite carpet ever. Seriously needs a mention, it’s that brilliant!
  • We started planning for a new business venture, which, we hope, will lead to another business venture. All in the same industry, though, and we could not be more excited about this! Will definitely start sharing really soon! We’re bravely venturing into 2019, as we have so many lists to get started with and our dreams are bigger than ever!


Sayonara 2018! It’s been nice to know you!



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