15 Memorable Groomsmen Gifts Ideas From Etsy

It is a (good) tradition that the couple would gift bridesmaids or groomsmen gifts as a Thank you on the morning of their wedding.

These are your friends who were probably the first to find out about your happy news and also the people who (hopefully) helped the most with your wedding planning. Either way, it’s a great way to show your appreciation on the day.

It doesn’t need to be an extremely expensive gift, but there are plenty of ideas to suit every budget.

We found that the most popular place to find the best groomsmen gift ideas is Etsy. These are most often handmade gifts, or easily personalized!  The quality is honestly really good for the price, with plenty of great options to choose from.

If you’re also looking for bridesmaids gift ideas from Etsy, check the list of items we recommend.

One common feature for all these groomsmen gift ideas is that couples like to personalize their wedding gifts. You do not need to personalize items in such a way they are one-use only. Think about gifts they can use for years after, not only once.

However, we did not want to make a list of useless things you can put their name on. It’s just not what we stand for. We prefer quality over quantity, meaningful gifts over useless gimmicks.

If you prefer not to give gifts at all, you could think of an experience you can all enjoy as a group of friends instead! Read below our tips for choosing groomsmen gifts as well as actual groomsmen gift ideas we recommend from Etsy. This way, you also support a small business in the process!


Tips for choosing groomsmen gifts

Choose practicality

While you could literally personalize anything nowadays, we would advise choosing a practical gift they can actually use more than once. With ethical spending in mind, we would suggest you get something they would love for a long time after or at least remember for much longer.

Types of gifts you could consider for your groomsmen (or bridesmaids)

Something handmade (like the Etsy products we will recommend below)

Something meaningful (just between you and them)

An experience

A gift basket

Is it meaningful?

The more personal the gift, the more they will appreciate and treasure it. Even if it is not about something personal between you and them, it could be something meaningful for them alone. It shows you know them well and that you care.

What about an experience?

Have you been together to a place that simply blew his socks off? Why don’t you book dinner at the same place for him and his loved one maybe? It is not only really thoughtful but so kind! He will surely return the favor, too!

Maybe some tickets to a game you all want to see? There are so many options to finding the right type of experience.

Should you personalize it?

There are plenty of ideas you will find on Etsy which can be easily personalized for groomsmen gifts. However, we would suggest refraining from personalizing EVERYTHING with your wedding date on. If you want to get your friends something they would actually use, think of what you would like to get, too.

Set a budget aside

Like everything with weddings, it all comes at a price. So setting a budget aside for this will make things easier. It will also show how much you can stretch and what sort of gifts you can actually afford.

No matter the budget, it can still be very meaningful!


Best Etsy groomsmen gift ideas they will love

Cigar Boxes

Cigar Box for 1 cigar 

This would make a great gift not only for the groomsman but for the father of the bride and groom as well. If you want to make sure he would use this for many years after, I would suggest you didn’t engrave the words “groom”, “usher” etc. Having just the name of the person engraved on the box would make it a more practical gift for the box.

cigars groomsmen gifts

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Rustic Wood Box for an entire pack of Cigars

If the budget allows (cigars are very pricey), you could also order a bigger wood box to fill with an entire pack of cigars. Clearly, a more lasting impression, but such a lovely gift, whichever you preferred. But cigars are very popular for wedding gifts, for sure.

cigar boxes groomsmen gifts

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Personalized Groomsmen Gifts Boxes

Full gift box 

Choosing a groomsmen gift can be challenging for some, especially if you lack time. It’s great to know that there are businesses already that have ready-made gift boxes you can order. They can be easily personalized (so it looks like you made quite an effort) and are really affordable, as well.

This includes socks for the wedding, mints, handkerchiefs, and personalized cards and tags for each item. Does not include the alcohol/ cigar, which can be bought separately. The gift box is ideal not only for groomsmen but also for the groom, father of the bride and groom, or siblings.

personalized groomsmen gifts boxes

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Time to Suit Up Groomsmen gift box 

Another example of a really practical and lovely gift box for your groomsmen. This custom gift box includes groomsmen socks (with a personalized tag, of course), cufflink, pocket square, and tie clip. Can they wear this again? Absolutely! Will they be reminded of your day? I am sure they will.

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Leather flasks

As we said, these gifts can be personalized, but keep in mind some engravings would make it less appealing later on, therefore less used. However, you could leave out things like ” Groomsman”, “best man” etc, and just engrave their initials. This way, it would be used for a very long time after, and he will still be reminded by your day.

flasks groomsmen gifts

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Black flask set

What about this elegant black flask? It can also be personalized, but keep it simple so it has many uses after your wedding.

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Wood watch

A groomsmen gift we recommend, for sure. It is not only a quirky gift but it can be worn for many years, without any engraving to see. However, you get the possibility to engrave it inside the wrist, which would indeed make it more special. The price is also pretty great!

wooden watch groomsmen gifts

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Stainless steel and Leather watch

If you’d like to buy something long-lasting and of better quality, this is a great choice. It looks so elegant and sophisticated. It is on the pricey side, so would make for a great gift for a groom or father-of-the-bride or groom. It has really great reviews, so worth considering.

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Heavy glass tumbler

Another great gift for a fantastic price point! As always, we would recommend you leave out the “best man” inscription and just have their names if you wanted.

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Groomsmen socks

Everybody knows that socks are the best of gifts, especially when you don’t know what to gift someone. We all wear them, therefore we all need them. For a wedding day, getting your groomsmen some quirky or fancy socks is not only really affordable but always appreciated!

We would advise looking for socks they would use again, not really the personalized ones with your faces or wedding date on and so on. This way, they have a much longer life and it’s less waste, too.

personalized socks groomsmen gifts

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Funky famous art socks

On the topic of socks, there are so many different ones you can get. It is always really fun seeing groomsmen wearing colorful socks at the wedding. They always like to show them off, too. It instantly adds a bit of fun to any wedding! We would definitely recommend something like this.

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Tie and pocket square set

Another really beautiful and useful gift on the wedding day. Having matching ties and pocket square sets for all the groomsmen doesn’t only make it sophisticated but well-coordinated,  as well. If bridesmaids get matching dresses, groomsmen can at least get a matching tie and it would look quite dapper.

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Yellow tie and pocket square

There are so many different patterns and options for ties and pocket squares, so I’m sure you would find what you’re looking for. But again, a great gift idea for groomsmen.

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Personalized cufflinks

Getting cufflinks for the groomsmen is one of the most popular groomsmen gifts we see at weddings. It is very affordable but also really sweet so it is always well received!

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Leather toiletry bag

Nobody would complain if they received such a fancy leather toiletry bag. Groomsmen would certainly make use of it for a very very long time. It is handmade, beautifully crafted and also quite affordable, too!

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Groomsmen survival kit

If you wanted something a bit more personalized and fun, this is an idea on Etsy. It is literally what the box says- a groomsman survival kit and they should find a pretty good use of each item.

groomsmen gifts survival kit wedding day

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Groomsmen leather suspenders

Should you have a more relaxed wedding with the groomsmen wearing some chinos maybe, this would make for great groomsmen gifts! Leather suspenders would be a really fun touch to their look. As you can imagine, we would suggest you didn’t actually personalize the suspenders. Leave them as they are, so they can be used again, without your wedding date on.

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Genuine leather engraved belt

Who doesn’t appreciate leather goods? Especially when it’s a gifted leather belt, it would make it that more special. It would look quite well engraved, but with their initials, nothing related to the wedding date. A great groomsmen gift, for sure.

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Groomsmen leather wallet

There are several leather goods you could gift your groomsmen. Another option would be this handmade wallet. While it is not something they can actually wear on the wedding date to coordinate, it is something they would appreciate, nevertheless.

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Engraved genuine leather men’s wallet with wood gift box

We also wanted to include a more expensive option which also comes with a wooden gift box. It does make for a more personalized gift, of course.

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This concludes our list of the best groomsmen gifts ideas from Etsy. We hope you found useful things as well as new ideas you probably didn’t think of before. We constantly share a lot of wedding planning tips and advice on our blog!


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