50 Beautiful Bridesmaid Robes for Wedding Gifts in 2021

Bridesmaid robes are by far one of the most popular wedding gifts for the bridal party! We’ve seen bridesmaids wear matching robes or personalized wedding robes at pretty much every wedding we go to. The truth is, this is one of the gifts that will actually be well used after the wedding day!

You certainly don’t need to get your bridesmaids a robe for the morning prep, but they will be well appreciated and they’re pretty affordable, too.

Bridal robes vary in price a bit because of the fabric that it’s made of, but you will find plenty of affordable options, too. However, if you get a slightly more expensive one, you could probably keep it in your wardrobe for years to come.

While the most popular gifts are the personalized bridesmaid robes, I think you might also love the velvet robes or the cotton kimono robes. We have included a few alternatives, in case you don’t want to get robes, but still want something to wear in the morning. Especially if you’re spending the night with your bridesmaids before the wedding, it would make for a fun memory and also lots of great selfies altogether!

What’s the first place brides look for wedding gifts for their bridesmaids? It’s Etsy, of course. We also shared plenty of groomsmen gift ideas!

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Silk and Satin Bridesmaid Robes

There’s no color set in stone when it comes to bridesmaid robes, so white can be an option, like any other. Simply choose a robe that stands out a bit more- like a lace bridal robe or a totally black robe, but don’t be afraid of choosing white if you like it. This is an example of a silk and satin robe with feather details on the sleeves. So beautiful, isn’t it?

StylishBrideAccs | £79.00+


Luxury bridal robe with pearls

If you wanted something a bit more luxurious looking for you or for the maid-of-honor, what about this stunning bridal robe with pearls? It’s a long white robe with long sleeves and pearl details. The image below is enough to convince me- and the price is so good, too!

bride wearing luxury bridal wedding robe with pearls

SofiWeddingDress | £141


Macrame silk robe

A grey bridesmaid robe is a beautiful, more neutral tone, with macrame details on the sleeves. We love this one in plenty of other colors they do, highly recommend checking!

StylishBrideAccs | £41.00+


Cream and brown satin robe with macrame details

Same satin dressing gown in cream and brown this time, with macrame details. Chic, beautiful, and also a cheap option for your bridesmaid robes.

Hooray Days | £14.00+

Ivory Pure Silk Chiffon Robe

This is a really beautiful chiffon bridal dressing gown, with very elegant puffed sleeves details, we absolutely love it! A classical gown you or your bridesmaids will want to wear over and over again.

Emsilk Design | £99+

Linen Bridesmaid Robes

Not all bridesmaid robes need to be satin or silk. A linen dressing gown is actually a stunning and ethical option for a bridesmaid gift. It can be a bridal dressing gown as well as for your girlfriends to wear the night before the wedding day. You can also get this in many different colors, since it’s handmade!

Black Ficus | £89+

Linen By Firera | £66.70

Organic cotton bridesmaid robe

A classic white robe made of organic cotton never goes out of style and is also extremely good quality as well as really affordable! This is probably one of the cheapest bridesmaid robes that are also one of the nicest in terms of quality and simplicity. I am sure you could also personalize it if you wanted, but to be honest, you don’t really need to.

MEEKAUK | £34.00+

Kimono natural linen robe

Chintamani Alchemi | £65.00+

Personalized bridesmaid robes with names

Glam Bridal Gifts | £13.00+

Personalized bridesmaid robes with initials

OMphiliada | £9.51+

Velvet Bridesmaid Robes

Ella Winston | £62.88


Floral Bridesmaid Robes

Poppy love Petal | £18.21


Floral bridesmaid robes with macrame sleeves details

Le Rose Gifts | £31.60+

Blossom personalized satin bridesmaid robes


blossom personalised satin bridesmaids robes

BespokeWeddingGiftCo | £17+

Ruffled Bridesmaid Robes

Poppy love Petal | £18.21+

Luxury Satin Bridesmaid Robes

Stylish Bride Accs | £57.42+ 


Kimono cotton Bridesmaid Robes

Turkish bath towel | £19.37+


Linen kimono Budha robe

Turkish Towe Designs | £65.62

Silk Kimono Bridesmaid Robes

Kimono Dragon Limited | £41.95

Palm Leaf Bridesmaid Robe

Ella Winston | £33.72+ 

Lace Bridal Robe

Ella Winston | £42.83


Long Silk Bridal Dressing Gowns

Le Rose Gifts | £130.98

White long robe with feather sleeves

bride wearing white bridal robe feather sleeves

TheRobeUA | £80.85


Fur Trim Extravagant Bridal Bathrobe

Pink Fur Trim Boudoir Robe Nightgown Bathrobe Bridal

MurissaAnn | £333.80

What to get bridesmaids instead of robes

Maybe you don’t really want to get the usual bridal robes for your bridesmaids. That is absolutely fine. Actually, you can find some really stylish and beautiful alternatives for bridesmaid gifts instead of robes. These are some options they would love just as much, which are also super practical, too!

Don’t forget we also shared a fantastic list with some of our favorite Etsy bridesmaid gift ideas alternatives to robes or pajamas!


Handmade Bridal Silk Robe Lace Set

Stylish Bride Accs | £135.57

Silk pajama set for maid of honour

GETITGRL | £27.00+


Floral pajama set for bridesmaids

Le Rose Gifts | £28.62


Pure silk pajama set with feather detail

Pure silk White bridesmaid pajama set with feather detail

TheRobeUa | £158

2 piece satin pajama set with shorts bridesmaid gift

Can you imagine your bridesmaids dressed in a very casual yet sexy satin pajama set on a Summer day? Looking at this beautifully handmade set, it’s an easy yes from us! It also comes in burgundy and black!

SofiWeddingDress | £52+

2 piece satin pajama set with trousers bridesmaid gift

If you thought that the pajama set with shorts doesn’t keep your gals warm enough, don’t worry, here is the same design option with trousers this time. So chic and so beautiful! A perfect timeless bridesmaid gift!

SofiWeddingDress | £52+


Cotton bridesmaid pajama

MEEKAUK | £54.00+

Over-sized Shirts

Stylish Bride Accs | £92.50+

Blush natural tencel and lace camisole

For Happy You | £47.57+


Wow, what a fantastic collection of bridal robes for the bridal party! If I could have one for every single day of the week, I probably would!

Hope this long but exciting list of bridal robes gave you some ideas or maybe you even found the perfect robe for you or your bridesmaids! That would make all the work so worth it!

Happy wedding planning and don’t forget to check the rest of the resources, we share lots more ideas for your wedding day!


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