2015 Behind the Scenes // London Wedding Photographer

Meaning. Peace. Growth. Joy. Adventure.

Five words are not enough to describe the year of 2015. It’s really interesting to look at these behind the scenes. This year has challenged us on so many levels and we’re just grateful at the end of it all. Challenge means growth. Growth brings Vision for a more meaningful life. Looking back at this year, my heart is so full of joy. We’ve been on more adventures we could ever even hope for, we’ve learned some tough lessons and our life is richer with the people we’ve met on the way.

Also, we’ve moved to a new home with a dream garden and two trees in the back, for the hammock we’ve been keeping in a suitcase, for the past 5 years. It is perfect in every way and we found here a peace we can barely describe. It’s our little nest where big dreams come to life and we can rest our souls. Exactly what we needed.

We traveled. Alone and with friends. We discovered new places and ate delicious food. We met such interesting people. We shot the most beautiful weddings. We cried some. We laughed some more. We made even more daring plans and pushed our limits. We worked as hard as we could and also found time for rest. We haven’t always managed to find a good balance between work and family, but that’s something we need to work on harder, this next year.

On a side note, many many times I see amazing photographers with incredible work and websites and exciting lives on Instagram. And everyone is so cool and their life is cool and I never feel cool enough to even talk to them. And that’s not cool.
SO, if you read this and think the same about other people, you should stop and go write them a message. Just say HI or that you simply appreciate their hard work. Start from there. Even being too cool requires hard work, you should know that.
Now that you’ve done that, let me tell you how incredibly cool WE are. Like so cool, Sam has to hold my arm when we go to meet clients for the first time, because I get so nervous or excited, I forget about gravity. Yes, I still fall and break my knees at this age.
BUT if you ever want to meet up with us while in London or when we’re some place traveling, please send us a message. We’re always so excited about meeting new people and sharing stories.

2015 was the year of long quality-time breakfasts and of the discovery of pine salt. You can never have enough of this!

morning breakfast for wedding photographers
In 2015, we’ve shot quite a few engagement sessions in and around London. It’s so cool when we get to meet amazing people who randomly find us on the internet. London has a special way of bringing people together from all around the world.
behind the scenes of London engagement shoot in front of St. Paul's cathedralBehind the scenes of engagement session in Richmond Park with couple dressed in redBehind the scenes of Cornwall wedding at the Polhawn Fort Behind the scenes of eclectic wedding in Maidenhead  That time when Sam makes the clients burst with laughter while I just scare them with The Claw.
Behind the scenes of Somerset Wedding at Almonry BarnBehind the scenes of photographer petting a dog at wedding
Sam trying to show brides how it’s done.
Behind the scenes of photographer holding the bouquet at Cannizaro House
“Diana, we need to make the dress blow in the wind!
Yes, sir!”

Behind the scenes of photographer and bride
I remember this day. We were on the coast of Norway, in Stavanger, shooting a destination wedding and it’s been a very long day. We’ve been capturing portraits of everyone there, until one couple from last year, took the camera and shot a few photos of us. We were tired and went in camera shy mode, but oh so happy. I treasure these images dearly.
Behind the scenes of destination wedding photographers, Sam and Diana from Green Antlers Photography
My I’ll pretend to be staring at the camera face while Sam was testing the light.
Behind the scenes of photographer and bride and groom Black and white image for behind the scenes of photographer on a sandy beach with bride and groom
I’m not short, some people are just too tall.

Behind the scenes of photographer standing on a wooden chair with a ONA bagBehind the scenes of bride and groom at a Festival Wedding He’s the best life and travel companion one could wish for. And pretty darn handsome, I might add…
2015 Year in photographs and behind the scenes with London wedding photographers, Green Antlers PhotographyBehind the scenes of wedding photographer at destination wedding in Romania Behind the scenes of bride and groom at destination wedding in Stavanger by destination wedding photographer
If you get children’s approval, you know you’re doing something right. Also, loved this Festival Wedding, I’m such a hippie at heart.

Behind the scenes of photographer showing a photograph to the flower girl at Festival wedding
This image- priceless. Apparently, I am absolutely horrified of confetti.

Behind the scenes of wedding party tossing confetti at bride and groom
A bit hard to argue with Sam that I am never in his frames.

Behind the scenes of Autumn wedding in London
Sam’s I’m just a guest at the wedding face. Busted!

Behind the scenes of photographer and guests at wedding ceremony Behind the scenes of London wedding photographer Behind the scenes of photographer and videographer at a destination wedding in Romania
Ona’s long lost cousin, found in Istanbul.

Behind the scenes of photographers hugging and carrying an ONA bag Behind the scenes of London wedding photographers Green Antlers Photography
Reason #4524 why you should hire us. We’ve got so many skills.
Behind the scenes of photographer helping guest light a lantern at destination wedding
I sometimes like to confuse couples…
Behind the scenes of photographer at destination wedding in Romania behind the scenes of destination wedding photographer Green Antlers Photography
How (NOT) to pose for group shots!
Behind the scenes of photographers and bride and groom
We were also very blessed to have traveled all the way to Asia, in Nepal, and capture some images of the places and people who have been through a devastating earthquake in 2015.
You can find the full story here.
Behind the scenes of London wedding photographer's travels to NepalBehind the scenes of London wedding photographers in Nepal after the Earthquake
Looking back and looking forth,  I’m just the luckiest in the whole wide world.
You know when to listen and when you should completely ignore me. You make breakfast for me every morning and you never say no to giving me a helping hand. You’re kind and you’re always thinking about others before you.
I could not imagine doing anything we’ve been doing and going through some crazy stuff, if it wasn’t for you.
You’re my dude and I am forever yours.
Behind the scenes of destination wedding photographers in Istanbul, Turkey
(in Istanbul, by Radu Benjamin Photography)