”To create is to be fully human.” E. R. McManus | The Artisan Soul

After all, when you live in London, there is no time for this, right? No time for sitting and for dreaming. No time for stopping and for just taking some time to not do anything, whatever it may be. To have a place where you can turn off any technology, to have sufficient light and green in your life, that’s a true quality of life.

Isn’t it strange?

It’s become an art to know how to slow down from the midst of appointments and diaries and running to catch the over-crowded (and frankly quite smelly) train.

I love what Einstein once said: “There are two ways to live your life – one is as though nothing is a miracle and the other is as if everything is a miracle.”

To sit and watch the grass come to life after rain, to look at the strawberries turning red after only a day of hot weather, to build and to make, that’s the beauty of art. Because contrary to popular opinion, art is not just painting or dancing or sculpting.

I am a photographer but I don’t like to call myself an artist. I’m simply a curious human. And I believe everything is a miracle – that’s at the essence of my being.

Join me as I explore the art of slow living and along my way, meet others who have mastered it to perfection. The series begins next week with artisan bread making, so excited to be sharing my own experience on this!

(Article written in collaboration with Ralph Dickinson of Petrichor )

Mastering the art of slow living in a big city