6 Alternative Confetti Ideas for Weddings

Alternative Confetti Ideas and Inspiration for Weddings


Each culture has different traditions and some interesting trends at weddings. Some come and go, but it seems like the confetti wedding pictures are always a favourite for everyone. The reactions you get during these moments are absolutely priceless! That’s why we thought we could share our personal experience and maybe some new confetti ideas for your wedding!


Confetti Bubbles

Some couples opt for confetti bubbles as alternative confetti ideas, like this couple whose destination wedding we shot in Stavanger, Norway. What an effective way of having mess-free confetti wedding pictures, especially if the church or venue has rules against that. It also keeps both hands of the guests busy, so there’s rarely an iPhone sticking out and that is never a bad thing! Not to mention the fun children would have!

Something to keep in mind, though, the bubbles can stain delicate dresses so just keep a safe distance, that’s all.

confetti bubbles alternative confetti ideas

Lavender Confetti or Small Rose Petals Confetti

On other occasions, we’ve had guests throwing lavender or small rose petals for the confetti send-off. This New Forest wedding is a great example.
They do seem a bit small and quite a pain when it comes to taking them out of the carefully made bride’s hairdo or the wedding dress’ cleavage, for that matter, but fun for photos, nevertheless. This alternative confetti idea is also great for a DIY lover, by simply drying off any kind of petals you get the chance to find.
Also, should you have loads of lavender confetti or small rose petals confetti leftovers, you can always brew some tea and relax! It makes for a wonderful tea blend!

 wedding confetti ideas

Big Petals Confetti

One of my personal favourites are the big confetti that you can get, which helps create really beautiful photos, as they’re visible enough and also won’t get stuck anywhere that’s not… well, allowed. It reminds me of this Chateau du Croisillat wedding in France we shot and they looked so so beautiful!

 big rose petals confettibig petal roses wedding confetti ideas

Tissue Paper Confetti

There are so many ways of cutting costs at a wedding and still having the best time. One of them is getting tissue paper confetti (which you can easily DIY, of course) and maybe having just your bridal party join in the fun? This was probably one of my favourite photos from this London wedding when the bride and groom were surrounded by their groomsmen who showered them with confetti! Those reactions are priceless and what a great alternative confetti idea!

bridesmaids dressed in navy blue throwing paper confetti on the bride and groom whilst standing on the churches stairs

DIY Paper Confetti

Should you have some spare time on your hands, why not getting some tissue paper (or any normal paper) and scissors and simply start cutting it into shapes while you watch an episode of Netflix, of course! Cheap, fun and way too easy! It can also be done way ahead of the event!

wedding confetti ideas

Confetti Poppers

I must admit this one was a first for us as well, but what a fantastic idea, right? The confetti poppers were hidden under the guests’ chairs and everybody had the chance to be part of the fun and pop some confetti! Definitely an idea worth stealing!

confetti poppers wedding confetti ideas

Other alternative wedding confetti ideas would be:

bird seeds (how sweet and eco friendly this is!)
confetti glitter
confetti leaves (great idea for the Fall season)
confetti pompoms
the classic white rice confetti
confetti ribbons
balloons (because, why not?)
fresh wildflowers

Can not wait to update this article as we shoot more alternative confetti ideas at weddings!

No matter what you decide to use for your send-off, just know that confetti is always a good idea. Whether you have all of your guests participating or just your bridesmaids and groomsmen, it’s a moment that’s worth capturing.

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For more wedding alternative confetti ideas, here are some photographs from different weddings we shot throughout the years.

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