Life is about the real moments. We get it.

We're not trying to impress you with fancy words here.
Far from us.
We take weddings so seriously because we're still old fashion and believe in family.

We meant it when we said our vows and I know you will, too.
The world needs old fashioned souls who stick to their word 'for better, for worse, in sickness and in health'.

We are not there for the free cake. Promise...


So let's introduce ourselves


Living the countryside dream in the Cotswolds, surrounded by sheep.

Raised in rural Transylvania.

College sweethearts.

We bought one professional camera and bet all of our money and faith into following this big dream. Years later, we are now Cotswolds wedding photographers and we absolutely LOVE what we do!

Passionate about loving people through what we do so we will always be there if you need a hug or a tissue to wipe those tears. Might probably cry with you.

Living by Grace in a world that needs so much Love.

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I'm the youngest of three brothers.
I love Volvos and a rough SUV.
Diana's personal chef.
I feel most free when I'm out in nature.
I prefer to listen more than talking (or writing!).

When I was still trying to impress Diana during our college years, I took her for a tractor ride. Obviously it worked.

Last but not least, blessed to be a dad.

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List maker. Also Sam's personal secretary.

Slightly OCD, but not enough to make me wash all the dishes...
Professional food-taster.
Crazy forager. Learned everything from growing up at a farm.

Mum to the most amazing and handsome curly boy in this world.

I'm a sucker for cheesy romantic movies and I cry at adverts.

Definitely inherited a weird sense of humour from my mom as dad jokes crack me up. I couldn't' say a joke to save my life though.

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Abel Ezra

This is the little human we made!

Abel means 'Breathe of God'. 
Probably a fish in a different life.
Bringer of joy. Fighter.
Happiest when he's in between our feet. Which is All.The.Time.
Current Hobby - eating dirt and 'cooking' with daddy.


Behind the scenes

If you’re looking for non-traditional or more alternative wedding photographers with a creative style approach to your wedding day, this is the right place to be!

We love photographing couples who don’t stress about getting their wedding dress a bit dirty or hair wet.

We promise you’ll be just fine and still have the best day of your life!


Follow our journey


Here, we like to post sneak peeks, behind the scenes, snippets from our lives and some silly InstaStories, obviously.

It's one way of getting to know us better and hopefully, connect.

We would love to have you along for the ride! Promise not to spam you with baby photos or sheep. Although we might from time to time...