3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea

Let me be the first to say congratulations! You have officially made it to another marvelous year with your husband, and it is that time to celebrate with your one true love. But, this begs the question of what could be a great way to commend this momentous occasion. Traditionally, on the 3rd wedding anniversary, it is common to give your partner something made of leather while a modern take calls for China. There are so many different ways, but for today, we will list a few that may help get some ideas going!

Introduction to the Third Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Spouse, on Etsy

Buying a gift for your spouse can be a challenge at the best of times. There are Christmas gifts, then birthday gifts, and anniversary gifts and the list could probably continue. 

You can always find a unique wedding anniversary gift or opt for an experience instead. We have recommendations for both here, so don’t forget to save this post. 


Unique 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas 


Custom record

What better way to say I love you than to create an album composed of songs that you both love that take you through the history of your relationship? There are a few ways you can make this, whether it being a list of the songs on the record to add a sense of artistic style to it, or you could look into having a series of soundwaves that can be scanned to your device to help set the mood for that time of the year!


Star map

It could be written in the stars. An incredible way to celebrate your 3rd wedding anniversary with your husband is to show him how it was all meant to be. Surprise them with a map of the stars the day you met and see how beautifully the universe was aligned with a poster of the universe! If you want to add some flare to your star map, you could also look into creating a nightstand that glows much like the stars on the day that you met!

star map idea for a third wedding anniversary gift idea on etsy

Creative Third-Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts 


Take a picture to remember this beautiful moment! A photoshoot would be the perfect way to celebrate how far you have come as a married couple. You could try to spice it up and do a friendly theme; whether you want it to be the roaring 20s or nature-influenced by a fun photoshoot is a great idea. There are great photographers in the local Cotswolds area that are more than happy to help set you up to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience celebrating your anniversary. At Green Antlers Photography, we offer a number of packages that you can find listed on our website for anniversaries that we intend to help make special and memorable for you to look back on your day with joy!

black and white photo of broadway engagement session in broadway village, cotswolds


Take a break, get away from everything, and remember how amazing the world is when it is just the two of you! Take a staycation for the weekend and escape to the countryside of Cotswolds, which has a variety of excellent boutique hotels. The Cotswolds Broadway Village transports you back in time with old rustic shops and beautiful nature. Bourton-on-the-Water has historic stone cottages and gorgeous waterways. These are only two of many places in the countryside that are perfect for a romantic getaway.

I would highly recommend checking this article where you can find the most incredible list of the most romantic hotels to book in the Cotswolds countryside!

cotswolds cottage places to hire

Meaningful Fourth-Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Photo mosaic of your lives

A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not put them altogether to make it worth a million? With a photo mosaic, you can take every image that you have ever taken with your husband since the start of your relationship and recreate one of your favorite wedding photos to hang in your house for others to see and find the small memories that have helped led you to where you are now!


Anniversary Clock

The clock stuck; what time when it was your 3rd wedding anniversary? Why not purchase an anniversary clock that counts the years, months, weeks, days, and everything down to the very last second of your marriage? An anniversary clock is a perfect gift to help you remember the moment this chapter in your life began with your true love. Not only does it count every second that you have been married, but it also includes your song from your first dance as husband and wife, so you can always be transported back to that moment when you danced together and embraced your love for your family and friends to see.


Leather Keychain

Let’s get something leather to go with the traditional theme of the 3rd year wedding anniversary. A leather keychain would be ideal for a minimalist anniversary gift. It can include your favorite photos from your wedding, your anniversary date, and a calendar counting every day since you tied the knot. Most leather keychains are color customizable, so you can pick out his favorite color to show how thoughtful you were when picking out his present.


Engraved Leather Photo

A leather photo manages to have that old-timey feel and that romantic vibe by the way it can show how happy you were on the day of your wedding. You can add your anniversary date and a small message to your love about how fantastic this day was and how happy you were to say “I do.” Plus, you can always go right with that vintage aspect that a leather photo contributes to an image.


China Plate

Switching to the more modern take on the 3rd wedding anniversary, why not try to get your husband some fine China? A personalized China plate would be great to go with the theme of your 3rd anniversary, and you can add a message, the title of your wedding song, or an I love you. This is a great, minimalist option if you want to give something meaningful and simple to your husband if that is his style.


Personalized Third Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Journey Map

You had a long journey to get to where you are now with your lovely husband, so an incredible way to show appreciation for that 3rd wedding anniversary would be by creating a map. Not just any map but a map of the specific places you may have traveled together before or after tying the knot. Even if it is just one or two places you have been together, you can see this gift as an opportunity to aspire for more travel in your relationship for the 3rd year of your marriage. If you have yet to really travel, you can also take this as a chance to find the places you have always wanted to travel to together and put them together in this beautiful map of your future adventures.


Romantic Third Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Level 3 Matching Shirts

Anniversaries can always have a little humor, and if you want to make your hubby laugh on that particular day, congratulate him for making it to level 3! These level 3 anniversary shirts are a cute social media photo opportunity and can appeal to your husband if he is the gaming type. Why not laugh and enjoy that you have managed to make it 3 years married to one another and are still looking forward to the days to come?

We have only scratched the surface of what is possible to help make your 3rd wedding anniversary the most special day of the year. Every year you are married is a celebration and has been a traditional stable of humans since the beginning. Every moment counts while you are together building a life with one another. We hope some of these helped inspire several ideas to help plan that perfect day with your true love.


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