15 Tips to Have a Relaxed Wedding Vibe

Couples nowadays are more and more drawn to planning a relaxed wedding, far from the traditional ones we’ve been used to seeing.

How exactly do you plan an informal wedding? Is a low key wedding fitted to both your styles? Does the season allow for planning an outdoor wedding? These are all questions you probably have and we’ll try to answer them here.

We will share exact tips on how to plan a casual wedding on a budget or simply an informal wedding where you can splash the cash on whatever you decide- like venue or entertainment maybe?

15 Tips on How to Have a Relaxed Wedding Vibe


Pick a location that’s not too fancy

When planning a wedding, the venue is naturally one of the first things to consider. But before you start putting your options down, what exactly it is that you’re looking for?

Do you want to invite a lot of people and plan for a glamorous event? Or maybe a more intimate day, with your dearest friends and family?

If you’re reading this, you probably have a more relaxed wedding style in mind, and you are looking for low-key ideas on what to book.

Locations for a relaxed wedding vibe:

– yours or a friend’s garden
– a marquee or tipi
barn wedding venues
– a pub
restaurant with exclusive access
– private forest
– greenhouse
– treehouse
private beach

Are we missing anything?

Basically, any sort of location that’s not too pretentious and allows for many more of the relaxed wedding tips we have on this list.

forest wedding for a relaxed wedding vibeForest wedding Scotland


Be mindful of who you invite

Your guests will help create that relaxed wedding atmosphere you hope for as much as the setting itself. If you know some people would not appreciate a relaxed wedding as much or they would not respect the wedding theme, maybe you can skip inviting them.

So the people you surround yourself with on your wedding day help create a beautiful wedding atmosphere to remember forever.


Consider a more intimate event

The number of guests is just as important as the type of guests you plan on inviting for your wedding.

It is much easier to create a relaxed wedding vibe by inviting a smaller number of guests. The more intimate the event, the more relaxed. The more personal.

Northumberland elopement

Mention the theme you’re going for on the invite

Something not to overlook at all is to mention on the invite or your wedding website the theme of your wedding – non-formal, relaxed, no black tie, no high heels, you get the idea.

People need to clearly know what to expect so they can dress accordingly.


Mismatched bridesmaids dresses

This may be a small detail but important to consider just as much. In order to create a relaxed wedding atmosphere, think about how the most important guests- usually close family and bridesmaids would dress.

Maybe you can let everyone choose their own dress (according to your theme), maybe you can get mismatched boho bridesmaids dresses and flower crowns for the girls.

It truly sets the tone and makes everyone feel so much more relaxed when bridesmaids (and the bride!) are not traditionally dressed.
If you need some ideas for alternative wedding dresses, here are some tips for you.


Norway Wedding

Forget traditions

This is an important one and something I’m sure you are well aware of. Some wedding traditions are just meant to be broken. We won’t advise which traditions you should ditch because that is for each couple to decide.

Start by making a list of the most important things for you and maybe one for things you could skip.


Comfort food

Let’s talk about food. Your guests need to be fed and for a relaxed wedding vibe, they also expect a particular type of food and not a 3-course menu.

The best part about organizing a relaxed wedding is that you are free to do as you wish.


Types of food for a relaxed wedding

– barbecue wedding menu
– seafood wedding menu
– buffet wedding menu
– grandma’s cakes and pies
– Indian food platters
– burgers
– pizza

ideas and tips for types of food for a relaxed wedding
Priors Barn Wedding


Don’t be afraid to serve food you would normally have in your home country. It’s OK to be a bit risky with the menu as long as you have some options you know for sure everyone likes.

There are always plenty of drinks and cakes to serve, too!

drinks in a wheelbarrow for a relaxed wedding

Have a backup dress and shoes

Chances are, if you are planning a more relaxed wedding vibe, you might get a stain or two on the dress. Or maybe you need something to give you space to move (and eat) freely.
Our best advice is to have a backup wedding dress and shoes for the evening. That way, you might even sell the one you had for the ceremony if you wanted and not waste the money.

There are plenty of affordable alternative high street wedding dresses you could wear for your relaxed wedding.

spare dress for a marquee wedding

Use a ton of greenery

Let’s talk flowers, now that we covered the wedding dresses. It’s important to consider the type of flowers you’re going to have for creating a relaxed wedding vibe. We particularly love the bohemian wedding flowers for intimate weddings.

Whatever flowers you decide to have, make sure to incorporate a ton of greenery. This is a very affordable and also pretty way to help create a very romantic and relaxed wedding vibe for your day.

marquee wedding with lots of greenery

Outdoor games

Can you imagine a relaxed event without any games? We certainly can’t! That’s why we made a list of 15 outdoor games you could use for your wedding reception!

Some of the most popular outdoor games are:
Giant Garden Jenga
Treats-filled Pinata
Croquet set


outdoor games for a relaxed wedding vibe

Have plenty of lounge seating areas

We are getting close to the evening time now and everyone wants to lounge while listening to live music or chat around the fire.

Try to have many lounge seating areas. Whether that’s sofas you can use outside or big pillows or bean bags (this is a great one!) or haystacks covered with rugs. You can be as creative or resourceful as you wish and I guarantee you they will be well used by everyone!

outdoor seating area for a relaxed wedding

Throw blankets

When you have such welcoming lounge areas, remember to also offer plenty of throw blankets. No matter the season, it gets chilly in the evening and there is nothing cozier than having a throw blanket while roasting a marshmallow.


Use atmospheric lights and campfire

Even if you have nothing else for decoration but you use lots of fairy lights and light a campfire, your guests should be more than happy!

This completely changes the entire atmosphere at a wedding and it’s also wonderful for photos, for sure!

tipi wedding with marshmellows and a campfire for a relaxed wedding

Hot drinks bar and marshmallows

Now that your guests are all snuggled next to a campfire, what about some hot drinks and marshmallows? It is such a treat for all ages and can help create such a relaxed atmosphere for very little money. It would be a shame not to.


Find a photographer with a relaxed style

You did it. You followed your heart and managed to plan the relaxed wedding of your dreams. Now, something just as important- make sure you have a photographer to actually fit in this dream and do it justice.

You will see looking at people’s portfolios that some have shot more glamorous events, some do city events, minimalistic weddings, there are all sorts. So make sure you search for a photographer who is used to shooting more intimate or more relaxed weddings. You will immediately feel the vibe by looking at their portfolio.

bride dancing with friends during a flash mob at her Harvest Moon Holidays Scotland wedding confetti after an outdoor forest wedding ceremony at Harvest Moon Holidays Scotland bride and groomsmen for a fun portrait shoot in the forest in Scotland

Hope this article helped! Remember we have lots more wedding planning tips for you so make sure you check our blog.


Happy wedding planning!


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