10 Tips to Plan the Best Sparklers Exit


Did you even know there are different types of sparklers you could get? I know, I was just as shocked to hear.
There’s different sizes as well as different types and here’s what they are:

Traditional sparklers

Wedding Sparklers

Cake Sparklers

LED sparklers


How to best plan the sparklers exit?

We all love sparklers exit photos, right? It feels and looks fairy-like and brings a big smile to everyone’s faces. But there are quite a few things to keep in mind when planning one.

If you want to have the best sparklers exit wedding photos, you should pay attention to a few details.

After years of shooting weddings and especially sparklers’ exits, in this case, we probably learned a thing or two. We will even share a back-up option in case of rain or if the wedding venue has strict regulations regarding sparklers.

Check sparklers exit rules with your venue

This may come as a surprise, but some venues have strict rules regarding their sparklers.
If this is on your list of must-haves on your wedding day, you should ask the venue before you actually book the place or buy anything.


Get the LONG sparklers for the exit

This is for obvious reasons. The longer they are, the longer they last.

We can not recommend these sparklers enough if you want to add some fun to your wedding send-off:

Have someone organize people in a tunnel

People are a bit more.. cheerful late in the evening after a wedding so please don’t forget to give this job to someone who can keep the people in check and organize things fairly smoothly. After a long day of shooting, your photographer would definitely need some help so a few groomsmen or close friends would be greatly appreciated.

Have several BBQ type lighters

Please don’t rely on one lighter for your 100+ guests. The moment you end lighting your sparklers, half of your guests will have nothing left to play with.

We’d recommend at least 5 lighters for your wedding, but you can add more, depending on the number of guests attending.



Start lighting all the sparklers at the same time

This should be on a T-shirt printed.

It is absolutely essential to start lighting sparklers at the same time, or you will get very odd photos of half the guests shining bright and the other half in pitch black. This is the first rule of thumb.

But again, this is not the job of the bride and groom, it’s usually the job of the groomsmen so a short lesson on sparklers would surely help.

Bride and groom be ready when it happens

The energy is extremely high at the end, the adrenalin as well as all the last-minute aunties and friends to kiss and say goodbye to. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the tunnel, so you can start walking when your guests are ready! The quicker you are, the better chances for more photos!



Another one for that T-shirt company. Running is never advised, especially when your friends are holding sticks that could potentially catch your hair or dress on fire so please be aware of what’s happening and just walk slowly, keep the distance and follow your photographer’s lead.

One of the hardest moments to photograph at a wedding is the sparkler’s exit. It’s an extremely tricky light situation for the photographer, so give them time to adjust their camera settings. Zooming through the crowd might get some really blurry shots that might not get in your parent’s album in the end…

If there’s time, walk back and out again for more photos

This is a great tip and couples usually do this if they get the chance. There’s nothing wrong with walking back through the tunnel of sparklers or stopping in the middle for the much-awaited kiss. Enjoy every bit of this moment and if you can, why not do it twice?


Have buckets of water/sand prepared

Safety first! Even if the sparklers are not lit anymore, guests still need to put them somewhere safe – like a bucket of water or sand prepared. Nobody wants a phone call from a very upset venue manager…

BACK-UP PLAN – glow-sticks or balloons with lights for a waterproof option

Sparklers are not the only thing you can use for your big exit. Especially if it rains, glow-sticks are a waterproof option should your guests want to escort you to your car or even use it inside the venue. There are no restrictions on glowing-sticks so it’s always an option!



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